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Billionaire Blackjack

A place were all the professional gamblers come together to win.

Decks Of Cards
Maximum Betting Limits
Live Casino

The whole feature of Billionaire blackjack is designed in a way which makes it much more like a live casino.

Daily Jackpots

We have daily jackpots which allows you to win more than what you expect.

Classic Slots

An online gaming like billionaire Blackjacks can never be complete without Classic Slots

Table Games

We have many table games which helps you stay engaged in the game you like the most.

Free Online Blackjack
The Ultimate Casino Challenge.

If you want to bring in the right amount of experience, you can check you skill level with the help of our online Blackjack casino challenge.

Card Values - Scoring
Before the deal begins.

Blackjack Pro

You can easily become a pro with the help of some tips and tricks which our online tutorial provides.

Progressive Blackjack

We have the traditional as well the classic version of the blackjacks to help stay relevant to all the gamblers.

Double Attack Blackjack

One of the most challenging as well as one of the best games which gamblers like to play due to the challenges it proposes.

Blackjack Betting Rules
Dealing The Cards By Strict Casino Protocols .

We have certain rules set to help you as a customer gain more than what you initially installed.

Our Blog

Which Casino Games Have the Best and Worst Odds to Win?

Games are an integral part of casinos that everyone seems to enjoy. Right from Blackjack to Craps, people are well aware of these games and believe that they have a chance at winning big. Although they are all mostly based on the factor called luck, there are other ways through which you can understand your odds at winning. So, on a fun note, we are going to explain your odds at winning in various games at the casino.


There is no better game to start than the world-famous Blackjack. It is a simple game that requires the use of a specific type of skill. The interesting part about this game is that many players go against the dealer at once, hoping to be lucky. One fails to understand that the dealer’s chance at winning also relies on luck, and there is nothing else to it. If you have been playing the game for a long time, then you must have realised that the dealers chance at stealing your thunder are minute and close to 1%, which makes your odds pretty good against the fight. The rest depends on your ability and of course, luck.


Roulette is one of the most common games that you find in movies, casinos and a lot of other places. The wheel of numbers has been around for ages and still continues to dominate at casinos. The problem of the matter lies with the fact that people always randomly place bets in the game without sparing a thought or two. But you must understand that there are a number of ways through which you can choose your bet in this game. The most simplest would be to bet on whether the ball will land on the red or the black piece that has better odds than one could imagine. One can also increase the payout, but you will be lowering your odds by betting on specific numbers or ranges of them.


This table game featuring a dice has probably taken a lot of time in your life, as you took some time to understand it in your younger days of life. The game moves forward when on a person, known as the shooter spins the dice and other players make wagers based on the result. When everyone hears the rules and instructions of the game, they might feel that it is all based on luck and that you have zero odds at winning. Well, they are wrong because you can place simpler bets that have a better chance of giving you money. If you are making a pass line wager, then you are facing a 50/50 odd at taking it home.

Top 10 Online Blackjack Casinos

Casinos play an integral part of one’s Saturday night as they provide you with a huge dose of fun and excitement. The fun part of these casinos are the games, which use money, and thus people fall for it. But in the 21st century, you need not run-up to a casino in order to play your favourite Blackjack game. Instead, you can play them online, which is everything but virtual. So to sort out your Saturday night, here are some top online Blackjack casinos that you can visit for some fun.


This online casino features around 40 different blackjack games with around ten games where you can join as a live dealer. The casinos Blackjack option lets around 500 players at a time, for an unlimited dosage of thrill and excitement. The no deposit bonus, that the casino puts forward is another reason why the website witnesses so much traffic. Unlike certain other websites which demand your credit card information, 888Casino does nothing like that. So sign up and have a blast.

Betway Casino

When it comes to well-structured sites and designs, then there are very few players in the market that offers the same experience that Betway Casino offers. The 44 live Blackjack tables can guarantee you games for everyone at any limit. Even if you are not interested in spending a lot of money, then Betway casino offers a place for you. In terms of selection, you will also find a variety, as the website provides a great deal.

William Hill Casino

In terms of experience, William Hill might be one of the oldest names in the club. Fondly known as the home for some of the best poker sites in the world, William Hill is sure to offer you some nail-biting experience. The website boots about 52 games, leaving you in the fair state of gaming addiction. People who are also interested in sports betting will find a unique spot on this website, as it also made to cater to all your demands.


Bet365 Casino

The user experience that Bet365 brings to the table might not be great, but the gaming experience is sure to leave you delighted. To play their games, you must enable Flash on your computer, and you can enjoy their games all day long. There are a variety of games that they offer, and you will be monitoring the screen, waiting for your chance with bated breath.

PlayAmo Casino

As mentioned earlier, players in the online market are looking for options more than anything, as they believe in playing as many games as possible. On that front, PlayAmo Casino is your ideal choice, as they offer more than 60 Blackjack games.

The Best Blackjack Players of All Time

Blackjack is an ideal game which many choose to spend an evening full of fun and excitement. The game which has been around for a long time has been successful in creating people with the right kind of skills to win it and own it. Such players have the best chances in the world and can be termed as the best Blackjack players of all time. So, here is a list of all them.

1. Edward O. Thorp

This American mathematics professor is good at Blackjack apart from teaching. The fund manager invented a card counting technique which has made waves in classifying him as one of the best. He keeps track of the cards played to determine the remaining set of cards. This method has earned him a lot of fame and money, and he has also published a book called ‘Beat the Dealer’. Even to this date, there are many amateurs who buy that book hoping they might win big at the game.

2. Bryce Carlson

Card strategies, team play and camouflage, are some of the unique skills that form this player into one of the best. Bryce Carlson began playing the game way back in the 1970s and has also written a book called ‘Blackjack For Blood’. He also teamed up with professional Blackjack players when internet Blackjack became a thing. Through time, he was fondly known as the man who wanted to beat the casinos at the game.

3. Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton used to play Poker before he switched to Blackjack and turned into a professional. He also launched a tournament known as ‘Elimination Blackjack‘ that gathered around numerous players interested in the game of Blackjack. Russ went on to become one of the leading experts in gambling and was even consulted by companies to seek advice in matters relating to the gaming industry.

4. Don Johnson

Within six months, a world-famous player called Don Johnson earned a whopping $15 Million by playing against three casinos in Atlantic City. Describing this winning streak is one of the best ways to introduce this world-class player. Apart from that, he is also known as a player who won $800,000 in one hand. Well, enough said.

5. Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong began gambling in graduate school as a means to earn some income. That need soon became a luxury, when he started taking home significant amounts of cash by winning various games back to back. He also created a computer software known as ‘Blackjack Analyzer’ which can be used for analysing your odds at Blackjack. The team that he created in 1985 went onto win various tournaments, as the group of six took home around $200,000.

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